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January 7, 2022
New year, same pandemic?

Entering 2022 definitely came with similar feelings as entering 2021, but with some caveats. Who would have believed that the majority of the conversation around the news and media outlets would still be focus on the ongoing Covid situation? 2021 also added the business challenges of inflation, logistics and supply chain problems and interruptions, shortages in materials and labor, and depending on your state, further regulations and potential legal issues surrounding how to conduct business. On a personal level, my family faced one of the more challenging holiday seasons ever as Covid found its way into our home and the holiday season was nothing like our traditional events or happenings. People and businesses don’t have to dig too deep to find something negative to focus on if they choose.

For me, and I think Plattco in general, we fought hard to make something positive regardless of the external variables that presented in front of us and my hope is the same for you all. Plattco saw a better than anticipated recovery from the harsh year of 2020. Culturally, our company has become stronger and more resilient, and we fought hard to maintain connections and traditions while  always leaning toward safety and protection of customers and staff. The sense with our industry partners is that investment is ticking back up with the recent infrastructure bill passing and the positive pressure of adding capacity for years to come makes for a great look at continued success and growth into the future. And perhaps best of all, as experience is gained with Covid and its ramifications, fear is subsiding and the moniker of potential “impending doom” is dissipating and disappearing at an accelerated rate. Truly, there is much to be thankful for and look forward to.

2022 will definitely be a year with more surprises! I am glad that it feels like many more will be positive than negative as we moved through the year. Plattco continues to grow and drive deeper in its commitment to be a trusted, value adding partner to our customers and staff and 2022 will continue to solidify that commitment. We are excited to continue to offer world class products and support to our growing customer family, and genuinely look forward to a successful and positive 2022 for all of us.