Double Flap Airlock Valve

Solving dry material handling problems that no other valve can. The primary reason companies buy Plattco double flap valves is the airlock technology


Slide/Isolation Gates

Plattco industrial gates are designed for bulk, dry materials in a variety of applications.


Field Service & Repair

Our Field Service program is the perfect option for customers with limited manpower, inexperienced staff, and corporate inventory reduction programs.


Industrial Valve
Manufacturers & Suppliers

Plattco Corporation is proud to be a US Based Manufacturer with over 120 years of metallurgical and foundry experience. We specialize in supplying airlock valves, slide gates, and custom solutions for bulk, dry material handling needs. We are the leader in industrial valves with solutions for a wide variety of industries. A majority of Plattco’s business has come from customer’s conscious decisions to upgrade technology from inferior alternatives like fabricated gates and valves, rotary airlocks and off the shelf-solutions.

Plattco understands the critical role our industrial valves play in your process. We have invested a significant amount of engineering, manufacturing, quality assurances, and r & d resources into developing industrial valve solutions. With services like our rebuild program, free trial program, and design services, Plattco brings together a multitude of factors, contributing to system performance for every customer’s needs.

Plattco is synonymous with quality and has a reputation that cannot be beat. Plattco specializes in Double Flap Airlock® Valves and associated multi-purpose slide gates and custom castings. Thousands of customers have chosen Plattco Double Flap Airlock® Valves to reduce maintenance time, increase efficiency, and lower costs.

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A Trusted Name in the Industry

Companies trust Plattco for valves that:

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Custom High Temperature,
High Cycling Gates

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