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Maintaining Plattco Double Flap Airlock Valves

Plattco double flap airlock valves were designed with our customers in mind. We understand the challenges that plague heavy industry when it comes to performing maintenance and repairs. We don’t want our customers to  sacrifice quality and safety to perform repairs. The inside of any Plattco double flap airlock valve (including the replaceable wear components, referred to as the seat and flapper) can be accessed through front and rear access covers. The Plattco Double Flap Airlock valves are designed to be infinitely renewable by replacing the internal wear components, which will restore the airlock to a “like-new” condition.

Unlike many other industrial valves - including rotary airlocks that need to be taken out of service and rebuilt on a workbench - the seat and flapper of our valves can be quickly replaced without taking the valve out of service.

Plattco industrial valves are designed to be safely repaired in-line. Outboard mounted shaft bearings, which allow for air circulation, are easy to reach and maintain. Adjustable seal retainers allow for safe and easy shaft seal adjustment or replacement. The seal pocket modular cartridge makes it quick and easy to change or adjust the shaft seal to like new condition in-line.


  • Turned down and polished, stainless steel shafts for easy removal of bearing
  • Body ports for the removal of flapper pins
  • External seat screws for easy access
  • Keyed links & arms provide for precision positioning
  • External bearings and shaft seals retainers are both accessible for easy and safe maintenance and adjustments.
  • Removable seal pockets
  • Access doors for safe, easy access for inspections/repair work
  • External actuators for easy adjustments and removal
  • Replaceable wear components to allow the airlock to be restored to factory standards

By replacing the wear components, the Plattco double flap airlock valve’s housing is designed to stay intact and withstand the test of time. We have Plattco valves that were installed in the 1980’s still in service.

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We have a team of factory certified technicians available to service your Plattco Double Flap Airlock Valves as part of our Field Service & Repair Program.

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