Plattco Valves Vs. Rotary Valves

Plattco Double Flap Airlock Valves Superiority Over Rotary Valves

Low maintenance and with a tight seal

Since we invented the double flap airlock valve in the 1960s, we’ve made our living not only in critical applications maintaining an airlock under high pressure, high temperatures, or any other demanding environment but by essentially replacing rotary valves in many industries.

While rotary valves have their place in the market, double flap airlock valves are purchased in many applications instead of rotary valves by leaders who insist on a solution which will require less maintenance and improve plant efficiency. A Plattco double flap airlock valve will seal tighter than a rotary valve as we don’t design in tolerances. While the tolerances in rotary valves increase at elevated temperatures, a Plattco valve remains constant.

Plattco provides a long-term solution to airlock wear by eliminating the rotary action of other valves. All of our bodies are cast in alloys specifically designed for the valve application. They are long-life units designed to provide many years of maintenance-free service.

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Replacing Rotary Valves

One inherent defect in rotary valves is that there’s a minimum of .0008 clearance in order for the veins to turn inside the housing. A Plattco valve, at final QA inspection, is anywhere from perfectly flat to a maximum of somewhere around .0002 to .0003 clearance. From the moment a rotary valve is plugged in and starts spinning, the leakage continues to increase with each revolution. The rotor and housing continue to wear.

By nature of its actuation, rotary airlock valves are prone to jamming, especially by the introduction of foreign objects (such as tooling, PPE, etc). Plattco’s inline easy maintenance technology allows for safer, easier access to the internals of the valve – where rotary valves need to be removed from service to be maintained.

The rotary valve allows 2-3x the air back into the system from the day you turn it on. From then on it only gets worse as wear occurs. With a rotary valve you will experience wear, and you have the opportunity for bridging, jamming, and material build up with a rotary valve.

Another advantage of Plattco double flap airlock valves versus rotary valves is that Plattco valves can be worked on in line and restored to like-new, factory specifications. In an hour or two, you can have your Plattco valve back up and running just like the day it left the factory.

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