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Plattco’s Slide / Isolation Gates

AKA knife gates, slide, isolation gates, orifice gates, butterfly valves, roller, and goggle gates are all names they may go by but there is only one comprehensive line of gates with the Plattco name!

Plattco industrial gates are designed for bulk, dry materials in a variety of applications. We offer simple maintenance shut off gates and high cycling, high temperature gates for the most demanding conditions. Just like our airlock valves, customers look to us when an off-the-shelf solution won’t do.

Our gates are designed for handling high temperatures up to 2000F (1100C), materials where their abrasiveness, corrosiveness or size lead other gates to fail. For exceptional stand-alone performance or combined with our flap valves in an integrated high performance system, Plattco’s maintenance, isolation, and goggle gates are ideal for demanding conditions.

Plattco maintenance gates extend the life of your valve and allow your maintenance team to perform preventive repairs safely and easily without having to remove the gate from service. Plattco gates use several different materials in its construction to achieve the best combination of functionality and cost.

Engineered Unlike Any Other

Our gates are specifically engineered to handle dry material, fine powders, pellets, granular and large chunky or fibrous material. Our design doesn’t rely on elastomer seals or discs - that by design restrict the flow and decrease throughput. The displacement pockets on our gates, combined with our propriety alloys, overcome the challenges of bridging and packing material, allowing for the positive air and material shut off.

The features of Plattco gates make in-line maintenance quick and easy. Companies around the world choose Plattco when they need a solution that will:

  • Minimize Air Leakage through the gate While Maximizing Material Flow
  • Perform in High Pressure & Extreme Temperatures
  • Reduce Friction & Power Requirements for Opening Under a Heavy Standing Head of Material
  • Fit Their Specific Applications using Plattco’s 60 years of experience engineering gates for material handling applications.

Custom Options

Plattco offers an excellent selection of manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric operators to suit your specific demands. Our innovative design provides the platform for a variety of actuators. Customizable options give our customers the ability to change the type of actuator, even after initial installation as your needs may change over time.

Let us help you determine what you need for your specific material handling system.

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U-Series slide gate


This is Plattco's low-profile slidegate valve. It is commonly used as a maintenance gate above a Plattco double flap airlock valve. It is meant for low cycling applications where headroom is limited.

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MT-Series slide gate


This is Plattco’s premium roller gate valve.  This valve can be customized to fit nearly any installation footprint and application requirement. It is commonly used for gravity flow applications that require a reliable gate that won’t break the bank.

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KT-Series slide gate


This Plattco’s most economical roller gate valve.  These valves are common in process critical applications – where operation of your plant depends on a reliable slidegate valve.

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HP-Series slide gate


A high performance and high sealing slide gate valve specially designed for the cement industry to function as a diverter valve in critical pneumatic transport systems. Ideal pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying line shutoff valve.

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HT-Series slide gate


This is Plattco’s high temperature slidegate valve.  This valve is designed to operate handling materials at extreme temperatures.  Our proprietary design allows us to handle materials up to 1800F safely and reliably.

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IS Series – This is Plattco’s coal isolation gate valve invented specifically to act as the main fuel shut off valve to fluid bed boilers.  Plattco invented the valve in the 1980s.

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Goggle Series slide gate

Goggle Series

This Plattco’s dry scubber discharge gate valve invented specifically for the energy industry.  The unique design allows the valve to reliably operate as the discharge seal of a dry scrubber system.

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custom slide gates

Plattco’s engineering and design team are able to collaboratively engineer a solution to meet your dry material handling needs based on your unique combination of application details and headroom available.

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