PCV Series / Pollution Control Valve

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Lower Cost Alternative for Low Pressure Applications

AKA Double Pendulum Valve, Double Gate Valve, Double Flap Gate, Double Dump Valves, Tipping valves, Trickle valves - all names used to refer to the product we invented more than 60 years ago. The equipment may go by other names, but there is only one Plattco Double Flap Airlock valve!

The Pollution Control (PCV) Valve provides a lower cost alternative that is perfect for pollution control systems and other low pressure (up to 2 ps/.14 bar) applications, with the same low profile as the S8-Series.

The pollution control valve is perfect for use in low pressure applications. Replace your existing rotary valves and get the reliable, long-wearing performance of our pollution control valve in applications using highly abrasive or high temperature materials. Our patented design eliminates internal bridging, plugging, jamming, and material build-up.

Since we invented the double flap airlock valve in the 1960s, we've made our living not only in critical applications maintaining an airlock under high pressure, high temperatures, or any other demanding environment, but by essentially replacing rotary valves in many industries.

Benefits of the PCV Valve

Excellence in Design:

  • No rotary action means no need to build clearance (leakage) into the pollution control valve - which eliminates tramp, fugitive air, and emissions through the valve into the system or leakage to the atmosphere.
  • Housing is not part of the seal, allowing it to last for decades in the worst operational environments.
  • Unlike rotary valves, Plattco’s double flap airlock valves ensure the seal never breaks when filling & emptying. One valve always remains closed to maintain the seal.
  • The internal wear components, called the seat & flapper, have machine-tight tolerances to eliminate air leakage:
  • Seat & flapper can be resurfaced several times with our Regrind Program to get back “like new” condition & performance – renewing the seal at about 15% of the price of new components
  • Rated for applications up to 750 F/400 C.
  • Rated for applications up to 2 psi / .14 BAR
  • All-cast construction & proprietary alloys for durability & wear resistance.
  • Proprietary design eliminates bridging, jamming & material build-up (issues inherent to the design of rotary airlocks)
  • In pressurized applications, Plattco’s patented mechanical shaft seal eliminates the potential for leakage
  • Access covers to allow for safe, convenient, easy access to the internal components

Why is Plattco’s reliable, long-lasting seal so important?

  • Air leakage deteriorates system capacity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • When you can’t produce the amount of material needed, the result is lower sales, decreased profits, and dissatisfied customers.

Combined with Plattco’s legendary Easy Maintenance Technology, this exceptional radial valve offers the lowest overall 10 year cost of any other airlock on the market.

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Performance & Safety Enhancements - Available on Most Models

Abrasion Resistant Coatings
Air Cooling Jets Rod
Air Cylinder Heat Shields
Cylinder Rod Boots
Dust Deflectors
Easy Access Covers (also in hinged)

End Bearing Seats
EZ Seat
Filter Regulators
Four Way Directional Valves
High Temperature Bearings

Mechanical Limit Switches
Mechanical Shaft Seal
NEMA Enclosures
Optional Gear Ratios
Position Indicator Switch
Proximity Switches

Safety Guards
Viton Air Cylinders
Zero Speed Switches

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