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Limited Manpower?

Our Field Service program is the perfect option for customers with limited manpower, inexperienced staff, and corporate inventory reduction programs. Since we do not use storefronts or distributors, there is no other contractor or service provider that has access to our replacement parts.

We understand some of the challenges our customers encounter when maintaining or repairing Plattco valves. Deferring needed repairs when you don’t stock the right parts, using limited manpower for unscheduled or unplanned maintenance, or relying on varying degrees of experience, can lead to unintended consequences and create disruptions in planned maintenance.

When our customers are forced to make tough decisions they lose peace of mind and the most critical parts of their business are compromised. This is where Plattco’s Factory Certified Technicians come in!

Experts on Industrial Valve Repair

Plattco experts can work on your industrial valves at unmatched labor rates and no hidden costs, enabling you to be confident that the work is done better, faster and cheaper. Only parts recommended by experts are used and provided at a discounted price, you don’t spend anything extra on inventory while having exactly what is needed when it’s needed. Plattco’s experts’ advice is provided on how to prioritize repairs based on your limited resources, leaving you in control of what work is actually performed.

Field Service & Repair Program Benefits

  • All Technicians are Factory Certified
  • “No surprise” flat daily labor rate, includes all travel and per diem
  • Safety Qualifications completed (ISN, BROWZ, PICS)
  • Critical Spare Parts kits offer significant cost savings and ensure all parts required to complete the work are onsite and ready for install
  • Inspection & discovery report provided
  • One year warranty on workmanship
  • Customer site may elect an employee to work with our technician to improve his/her skill set.
  • Summary report of work completed and work identified for future jobs
  • Compliant with all safety standards (OHSA/MSHA/PLANT) as part of the Plattco Safety Program described below.
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Plattco Safety Program 

We understand how important safety is at our customer sites. We invest significant resources to properly train and manage our team of technicians to ensure we keep our employees and customer's employees safe.

Safety Training for All Employees (new and refresher)

  • All OSHA/MSHA training as required
  • Additional trainings related to our processes
  • On the job & classroom training

Accident, Incident & Near Miss Reporting

  • Thoroughly investigated & preventative actions are taken (including near miss and incident)
  • Reviewed at all company meetings by the employees and executive management team
  • Reporting both onsite at Plattco and from customer sites in the field (within 24 hours)

Hazard Risk Analysis

  • Required at the start of every Field Service job, documented and reported
  • Performed onsite on all new equipment or change in processes
  • Monthly refreshers on existing machines

Safety Awareness and safe practices promotion

  • Daily, weekly, monthly promotions to enhance safety awareness and safe practice
  • Daily, pre-shift tool box meetings focused on safety
  • Monthly safety, department meetings

Safety Awareness and safe practices promotion

  • Executive Management team meets monthly to evaluate our performance against industry standards and best practices
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Plattco is very proud to offer our Field Service Program. We have Field Service Technicians available to travel the globe to visit your site. Plattco experts will work on your industrial valves at unmatched labor rates and no hidden costs, enabling you to be confident that the work is done better, faster and cheaper. To request a quote for preventative maintenance and repair service, please give us a little more information about your facility and we will contact you within 24-48 hours to provide you with a quote for the requested services. If you would prefer to simply contact us directly, please email info@plattco.com or call 518.563.4640 ext 1 and you can speak with us directly. Otherwise, complete the form below and we will be in contact in the immediate future.

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