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High Pressure Slide Gates

Plattco is pleased to offer our newest innovation, our HP slide gate valve, a high performance and high sealing slide gate valve specially designed for the cement industry to function as a diverter valve in critical pneumatic transport systems. The HP series slide gate valve is designed to handle abrasive dry powder materials at pressures up to 50 PSIG, making it the ideal pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying line shutoff valve.


Designed for your system, these valves feature a unique wedge seal design which ensures a tight seal across the closed seat and flapper disk. The wedge design also allows for automatic wear compensation to ensure valve reliability. The access covers make this valve fully repairable in-line, facilitating inspections and predictive maintenance.


Our patented design is an industry first slide gate platform with sealing components adapted from double flap valve technology, ensuring a reliable long lasting seal across the valve when closed. Plattco gates use several different materials in its construction to achieve the best combination of functionality and value.


  • Maximum temperature in service of 350 F/ 176C
  • Maximum pressure capability of 50 PSI/ 3.4 Bar
  • Can be used to handle materials ranging in particlesize from powders to lump

Excellence in Design:

  • Variety of sizes available to match standard industry piping sizes
  • Cast seat and flapper made from Ni-hard and/or Plattalloy XL alloy provides wear resistance and therefore valve reliability
  • Proprietary and unique valve closing action allows for a self-adjusting and wear compensating design which ensures the valve will perform throughout the production campaign
  • The valve to provide the best seal possible and smooth operation
  • In-line removable and replaceable parts such as: pins, sliding blade (gate), and packing glands allow for quick and easy maintenance
  • Multitude of available accessories including indicator switches, safety guards, control packages, and filter regulators
  • Actuation types include pneumatic and hydraulic
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U-Series slide gate


This is Plattco's low-profile slidegate valve. It is commonly used as a maintenance gate above a Plattco double flap airlock valve. It is meant for low cycling applications where headroom is limited.

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MT-Series slide gate


This Plattco’s most economical roller gate valve.  It is commonly used for gravity flow applications that require a reliable gate that won’t break the bank.

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KT-Series slide gate


This is Plattco’s premium roller gate valve.  This valve can be customized to fit nearly any installation footprint and application requirement.  These valves are common in process critical applications – where operation of your plant depends on a reliable slidegate valve.

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HP-Series slide gate


A high performance and high sealing slide gate valve specially designed for the cement industry to function as a diverter valve in critical pneumatic transport systems. Ideal pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying line shutoff valve.

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HT-Series slide gate


This is Plattco’s high temperature slidegate valve.  This valve is designed to operate handling materials at extreme temperatures.  Our proprietary design allows us to handle materials up to 1800F safely and reliably.

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IS Series – This is Plattco’s coal isolation gate valve invented specifically to act as the main fuel shut off valve to fluid bed boilers.  Plattco invented the valve in the 1980s.

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Goggle Series

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custom slide gates

Plattco’s engineering and design team are able to collaboratively engineer a solution to meet your dry material handling needs based on your unique combination of application details and headroom available.

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