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Plattco double flap airlock valves are necessary for an air tight seal throughout your system and almost every part is custom engineered specifically to your valve or gate. The beauty of our technology is that our equipment is designed to be infinitely renewable. Each valve can be restored in-line, using our easy maintenance technology. Plattco develops a customized solution for every customer no matter what service we’re providing. Our Replacement Parts Program is no different.

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The robust design of our valves allow them to keep running for decades; even the most experienced maintenance crews can perceive them to be running well. Much like an air conditioner running with an open window, when a Plattco valve’s airlock isn’t maintained, efficiency is lost and there are direct and indirect costs associated with these inadequacies. 

A standard Plattco valve cycles 6 times per minute, which equates to over 3,000,000 times per year! We know over time there is bound to be wear.

Plattco replacement parts are designed to fit properly, perform better, and last longer – which means you save money by replacing fewer parts, less often. All Plattco Genuine Parts comply with our specifications and technical standards. Plattco Genuine Parts also maintain the warranty on your equipment, reduce installation time, and guarantee original equipment quality.

We’re confident our Plattco replacement parts will deliver many years of excellent, trouble-free service. At Plattco we’re committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering the industry’s highest quality double flap airlock valves and slide gates, along with any necessary replacement parts.

Each Plattco valve comes with a Bill of Material, Drawing, and Owner’s Manual as well as unlimited support identifying replacement parts needed from our dedicated sales team.

Our dedicated field service team is also available to install your replacement parts.

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