Mobile Demonstration Unit

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Plattco Corporation understands customer service. We are passionate about our company’s reputation and our customer’s perception. We also understand how important it is for our customers to see, feel, and touch our quality products for us to leave a lasting impression.

While we routinely invite customers to our integrated manufacturing operation to visit our showroom, we know that is not enough and often not viable for some companies. Feedback from our customers made it apparent: a serious challenge in today’s business world is assembling and coordinating key decision makers in the same place at the same time.

We wanted to overcome this challenge and provide our existing and prospective customers a chance to see the technology in operation in an understandable and real-time way. This was the catalyst to the creation of the Mobile Demonstration Unit.

We at Plattco want to be responsive and adaptive to our customer’s needs. Our Mobile Demonstration Unit allows us to visually and physically demonstrate the actuation of our valves and slide gates.

The Mobile Demonstration Unit operates under the same engineering principles as a full scale installation at a plant. The valves and slide gates are not scaled models, but rather fully functional units.

This live demonstration allows for:

  • A safe area to demonstrate our products in an environment conducive to learning (no loud equipment in operation, no distractions, etc)
  • Fully customizable training, allowing for individual visits or group presentations for any duration of time.
  • Allowing you to get all the right people together, right at your place of business, to make smart, informed decisions.
  • A comprehensive learning environment, combining hands-on & classroom training
  • No charge for our customers!

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