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Over 60 Years of Experience in the Industry

Plattco has over 6 decades of experience building valves for thousands of successful applications in dozens of industries around the world, along with over 120 years of metallurgical experience.

Unlike our competitors with diverse product lines, forced to spread their resources across a multitude of products, our team has the privilege to focus our research, testing, and efforts on a specific niche.  Our in-house engineering group focuses solely on dry, bulk material handling valves and gates.

As technology and processes change in your plant, Plattco’s dedicated staff is here to help you make changes as needed. We have developed and proven the best performance options in valves. Some of these options include:

  • Four standard valve models all available with fully customizable sizes and options
  • Standard and custom slide gates available with fully customizable sizes and options
  • A product line of custom high, temperature, high pressure isolation gates
  • A product line of custom high, temperature, high pressure isolation gates 
  • Various height Dutchman (spool pieces) to inexpensively increase throughput
  • The use of proprietary alloys, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, & Ni-Hard, to handle extremes of material properties

Plattco brings a diverse portfolio of professional engineering services to the table when designing your custom solutions. Our dedicated engineering staff works in tandem with our research and development team and our technology group to assess feedback from our customers, who are using our products every day, to optimize our designs and minimize risks.

Our Plattco team wants to collaborate with our customers to allow the customer to get the most innovative, functional, and cost effective valve and gate solutions. We are committed to providing consistent, responsive, and personal attention that each customer deserves.

The Plattco team balances experience with fresh ideas and energy. We have a passion for inventive solutions, being the industry leader in solving dry material handling problems no one else can. Industrial valves, the double flap airlock valve, and slide / isolation gates are the only things we do. Our organization concentrates on designing, engineering, manufacturing, and delivering the best valves in the world.

Plattco invites cooperative development and collaborative engineering with qualified engineering and design firms for custom designs or modifications to solve specific application problems.

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