Rebuild Program

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Core Exchange

Our rebuild program (aka core exchange) is the most comprehensive reconditioning option that Plattco offers. The entire valve is removed from service, disassembled and stripped down to the basic machine housing, then inspected and evaluated by a Plattco certified technician. After a 40+ point inspection of the valve, a plan for the necessary rebuild work is made. This is the perfect option when working on the valves in service proves to be a challenge or plant policy prohibits outside contractors.

As in most plants where there is immense pressure for the improvement of efficiencies and the reliability of equipment, the core exchange program allows you to plan and budget for repairs as it boasts fixed pricing maximums for the work- so you never are hit with surprises to your bottom line!

The valve can be rebuilt regardless if the original housing (body) can be re-used or not:

In both cases, performance testing is completed to verify that the valve meets our Plattco standards and specifications. Quality documentation is completed and quality audits are performed at random.  Each rebuilt piece of equipment is re-assigned a new serial number and is repainted to resemble a new valve.

In cases where performance and safety upgrades are readily available as a standard, they are performed at no charge. In other cases, customers can use the opportunity to upgrade at a fraction of the cost.

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