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February 18, 2022
In Loving Memory of Fred Warren

Fred Warren has been a foundational element of Plattco since his joining the company in 1981. True to the story of many of the valuable resources at Plattco, he started in the unassuming role of a second shift cleaner for our production operation. Over his time hereat Plattco, his true talents were encouraged and emerged as he took on more and more skilled roles with the company. Opting to train in the foundry pattern shop while learning warehousing and QC skills, Fred moved quickly away from his humble beginnings. After filling in the full-time QC role and a short break, Fred then took on the task of learning a wide variety of machining processes. Culminating in commentary that “He had learned to run every machine at Plattco. You can give him a job and he does it quickly and properly”. Soon after that mastery, Fred returned to the pattern shop for the foundry where he worked until this past January. A job that truly showed his artistry and incredible talent, but he also stayed true to “Fred form” and would help anywhere when asked or needed.

Sadly, Fred succumbed to complications for a battle with Covid in February that was exacerbated by some underlying conditions that he faced bravely and with perseverance. It is both unimaginable and shocking to think of a Plattco without Fred being part of the team. But it is an honor to take a moment and remember the man who embodied so much of what Plattco stands for and strives to be. His skill as a craftsman will likely be unmatched. He was generous, kind, helpful, and diligent in all that he did. It showed in his caring for the cats that found their way to his work building. It was unmistakable in his crafting of beautiful rocking horses to be given to the children who might never have such things in the community around him. It will be sorely missed in the daily routines of life here at Plattco, and particularly for those that enjoyed his smile, gentle nature, and strong work ethic on a daily basis. Fred will live on in the legacy of Plattco, and he exemplifies the high standard we all strive for in continuing to serve and support our valued partners and community.