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November 2, 2021
Plattco HP Gate Replaces Manual Hamer Valve & Improves Cement Plant

Lehigh Cement in Edmonton, Alberta had previous installed manual Hamer valve, where flow needed to be stopped. An operator was sent out with tools to manually loosen flange bolts and rotate the ‘figure-eight’ plate to select open or closed, and then re-tighten flange bolts. This was very inefficient, time consuming, and strenuous creating longer turn around times.

The Plattco 10” HP Gate was installed to act as an electrically controlled shutoff gate. The HP Gate is operated by a heavy duty screw jack driven by a 575V motor, and limit switches are incorporated to indicate open/closed position to the control room. There are plans to add an additional HP Gate to act as a diverter, where the flow path can be selected on the fly from the control room, with appropriate control logic. Flow path converges here to convey to the silos.


Specially designed for the cement industry to function as a diverter valve in critical pneumatic transport systems. The HP-Series slidegate valve is designed to handle abrasive dry powder materials at pressures up to 50 PSIG, making it the ideal pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying line shutoff valve.