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February 2, 2022
Replacing a Problematic Rotary Valve on a Silo

Back in 2014, a Plattco valve was installed to replace a problematic rotary valve that was being used to discharge a cyclone on top of a silo. The customer had to replace the rotary valve every year due to high wear on the vanes which lead to an inefficient cyclone operation. The major cost was that this application is on top of a silo and to get the rotary valve out and install a new one was no easy task.

With the new Plattco valve the customer had the ability to just replace small wear components as needed, eliminating the need for cranes and rigging.

While this was a huge improvement the customer was looking to get even more life out of the Plattco valve between service intervals. In 2017 with the release of the new seat and flapper material Plattalloy XL we upgraded the Plattco valve with these new wear components. Since then, we have increased the life of the seats and flappers by nearly 4 times!

This is just one example of how our new Plattalloy XL has increased time between maintenance intervals on our Plattco Double Flap Airlock Valves and HP Diverter Gates.