Success Story

Cement Plant Saves Big On Fuel Costs Using Plattco


Since 2002 this Mexican cement plant has saved many thousands of dollars in fuel costs since installing this system. This Plattco triple  ap valve assembly is a critical component as it provides an excellent seal so false air doesn’t enter the pre-Calciner. There are two of these Plattco assemblies installed on two pre-Calciners at this plant that have been operating  awlessly since 2002. Sister plants have also installed Plattco double ap assemblies for identical feed systems.

Plattco Model: H-2495 Triple  ap airlock w/gates

Material: Alternative Fuels (wood, rubber, etc.)

Capacity: Actual 300 cubic feet per hour (design 1440 cfh)

Temperature: 1800oF (design)

Equipment Above: Belt Conveyor

Equipment Below: Chute to Pre-Calciner

Pressure Above: Atmosphere

Pressure Below: + or - 54” wc

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