Success Story

Power Plant Manager Credits Plattco Valves For Increasing Bag Life, Lowering Emissions


This power plant burns waste wood to make electricity and began replacing rotary valves on their flyash bag house with Plattco model PCV-0618-11, double flap airlock valves in 1999. The plant manager attributes much of their success to the superior seal of the Plattco double flap airlock valves. The turbulence in the bag house is minimal because of the great seal on the Plattco valves. Bag life has increased by many years, and emissions have gone down.

Plattco Model: PCV-0618-11

Material: Flyash & sand

Capacity: 20 cubic feet per hour (max.)

Temperature: 650ºF

Equipment Above: Baghouse

Equipment Below: Drag Conveyor

Pressure Above: -27” wc

Pressure Below: Atmosphere

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