Success Story

Superior Plattco Seal Still Going Strong Since the 1970's


Original valves installed in mid 1970s, some originals are still installed and running 53 years later!. Plattco double flap valves are an industry standard around the world and are preferred by engineers and end users for this application because the seal is critical. Without the superior Plattco seal, the ore fines are sucked through to the ID fan, and then the ID fan wears out quickly. ID fans can cost as much as $250,000.

Plattco Model: H-822

Material: Taconite fines & pellets

Capacity: 90 cubic feet per hour

Temperature: 500ºF

Equipment Above: Wind box

Equipment Below: Drag Conveyor

Pressure Above: + or - 35” wc

Pressure Below: Atmosphere

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